"We really enjoyed reading your book. There is substance here, well written."  -  James Alexander & Dark Rain Thom

As a descendant of the Vincennes French, as well as Jean Richard of Ouiatenon, I have a particular interest and love for this period in American history. I have enjoyed reading your book and would love to have you sign it. - Cincinnatti OH
Our group thoroughly enjoyed reading the book – it helped illuminate an area of history for which we were less familiar. We also had a Q&A session with the author by phone that was excellent - Sullivan County Indiana Public Library
I really enjoyed Ouabache. I teach 4th grade and social studies is Indiana history for us. I love this time period and subject matter. You should be proud of yourself for a job well done. - West Lafayette IN

You are now an acclaimed international author .... finally on vacation and reading up a storm!! Loving your work! - Sydney AU
Well researched, this work of historic fiction teaches in my favorite manner. There is no better way to learn than while reading an interesting and personable story. I look forward to reading more of the author's works. - Champaign IL
You had me hooked from the first page. I really enjoyed and love the book! - Logansport IN
I really enjoyed Ouabache, it is a captivating story with an amazing attention to factual detail. Even down to how a feather is placed on an arrow to make the arrow fly correctly. I sincerely enjoyed this book and look forward to David's next one. Keep them coming David.  - Brea CA
I just received my own signed copy of this book.....it really opens the mind to a period of Midwestern life that has all but vanished....GET THIS BOOK!!! - Monticello IN

As I read I think about how much time you must have put into it, Congrats on a great book.  - Tarzana CA

Great read! Everyone should have a copy. - Kokomo IN

I received your book by mail yesterday and started reading it that afternoon. I think its a great story and well written!  I got about 2 thirds done with it before I had to go to bed. Great book, way to go! - Monticello IN

Excellent read; thoughtfully organized with a cunning mixture of history and originality. Two thumbs up! This copy will be on my bookshelf for as long as I have a bookshelf. - Cape Coral, FL
I received your book Saturday and read it Easter Sunday. It was an enjoyable easy read. I loved your characters, and the historical context. Ouabache should be required reading for Indiana History classes. Indiana history should not be in grade school but in High School. I would love to have your signature on my book! - Logansport IN
VERY GOOD STORY!! Captivating, when I would get time to read, I didn't want to put it down. Good work! - Monticello IN
Ouabache is a well written blend of fiction and fact. The detail is very impressive. I never knew how a bow and arrow were created but now I do! The tensions between the different tribes, the British and the French illustrates just how divided the area was before we became the U.S. This writing also demonstrates the cooperation and desire to build a dream with only yourself, family and friends to rely on. Great job, David! - Rantoul IL
"Ouabache" gives us a glimpse into the early days of French traders and trappers in the Wabash Valley. If you're a history buff, or would just like a peek into that world, check it out. - Logansport IN
Buy it! What a great book this may be the best book of the summer, get it now people!!! - Los Angeles CA

My book came today and I am already half way through it. Can't put it down! - Monticello IN

I really enjoyed the book. Very well written and informative, thank you for writing this story. - Carroll County IN

Finished the book last week. A good read. Enjoyed the day-to-day details of life as well as the fine lines of diplomacy needed to navigate the tribal and Franco-English political tightropes.  Way to Go! - Monticello IN

I recommend Quabache, to those who have not read it yet ...  I would like another copy. My husband made off with my first copy. - Lawrenceville IL

Loved your book, and so does everyone else who's read it in my family.... can't wait to get the next one!!  - Monticello IN

I highly recommend this book for anyone  - Goodreads reviewer

I bought a copy of this book from the author at a festival in Southern Indiana. I consider myself very knowledgeable on the subject of Indiana History and was pleased to find it had new insights for me. I especially liked the bibliography and character biographies at the end of the book. These were a great help sorting out the fact from the fiction and pointing me towards more resources. It's a fiction story but eye opening all the same. - Goodreads reviewer

I checked this book out at my local library while doing a research paper on Fort Ouiatenon. It has a fun story loaded with hard to find info about the time period. It's not a history book but a story about history. Made the rest of my assignment more enjoyable, feeling like I knew the people who lived there. I recommend it to anyone for fun or research. - Google Play reviewer

I read Ouabache and really enjoyed it. Then I gave it to my mom who enjoyed it. Thank you for writing it. - Lafayette IN