is the story of a boy and his mother struggling to find their place on the frontier of French Colonial North America. Featuring actual events and characters from history the story follows the two as they move from the Mississippi Delta to the Wabash River Valley, painting a vivid picture of life among the French and Native people who occupied the land in the eighteenth century. 

It begins when a young woman is arrested in France and deported to Louisiana.  She finds refuge among privateers and gives birth to a son.  With the help of a former slave and his Chickasaw family she moves to the remote Canadian outpost of Ouiatenon on the Ouabache (Wabash) River. 

Because her son has learned the Chickasaw language his fate becomes tied to the Commandant of the post who is in the process of building a new settlement which will one day be known as present day Vincennes Indiana.

Portrayal of Nipekigwachiha a Kaskaskia on the Warrior's Trail.
Portrayal of the blacksmith at the Feast of the Hunters Moon, an annual festival sponsored by the Tippecanoe County Historical Society, near the site where Fort Ouiatenon once stood.

"Pickawillany" continues the story of the characters from "Ouabache" in the years leading up to the final conflict between the French and British over control of North America.